Anne Marie dansar på sin 80-årsdag. Dr Unni skymtar till höger.

Anne-Marie Johansson former teacher and educator in communication, organization and leadership, especially “woman leadership” got cancer around 1996.

After a brutal operation the Swedish healthcare system was unable to help her recover. She began to seek alternative ways. And among several suggestions she decided to try an ayurveda clinic in India. She was skeptical but it was sort of clutching the last straw.

She met an old ayurveda doctor and she got better but far from good. Finally, this doctor stated that he couldn´t help her anymore and suggested that she should contact a younger doctor who might have a broader and more recent education.

So, she met Dr. Unni and the experience from his treatment made her convinced of that he could help a lot more people in despair of mal health and sickness.

First, she used her organization skills to improve the administration of the clinic.

Then also as perhaps from a subconscious agenda she wanted to improve the status and situation for the female workers. So, without speaking about it the improvement of organization leads to a raising of equality and respect among women and men.

Helping also woman to equal right changed the atmosphere around the whole village to the better.

Finally, being an entrepreneur with visions she wanted to expand Dr. Unna’s clinic and it developed to an idea of a hospital. This was made and the expansion led to around 35 new treatment rooms and a hotel with almost 40 rooms.


She today has the greatest respect and is respectfully called Mama. As she has become a maternal figure not only for the people working at the hospital but also for many others in the region of Kerala especially children and their parents.

Recently, a minister of the Indian government has contacted Dr. Unni and asked about their mentioned policy on gender equality and women’s rights. Dr. Unni has sent the letter to Anne-Marie because it is the source of the change.

When she got sick she made the best of it.

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